MitchMeet Mitch

Can Lead, Tampa FL


QuoteI’m our first shift lead for the can line in Tampa. My position ensures our can line team delivers on schedule, high-quality products and no errors. I’ve been with Cott since January 1998, about a year after the doors opened for business. There’s are plenty of reasons why I am a Cott employee. I’m satisfied and grateful for the wages and benefits which afford me the opportunity to provide for my family and our futures. Truly, for me, it’s about the opportunities I am provided. I’ve grown from operator to lead and now to serving as a member of our can line’s self managed work team. I’ve never worked anywhere before that places this much responsibility and faith in its associates. The can line’s first shift is our operation. We make production successful in making the decisions to make it happen. To me it is invigorating! I’m learning that effective communication, team work and leadership are transferable, and this helps me grow professionally and personally. These are reasons I like being with Cott, and continue to be excited about coming in each morning.Quote



KatieMeet Katie

Associate Benefits Manager, US, Dunkirk NY


QuoteI’ve been employed with Cott since April 2009. I am responsible for managing our great benefit plans and addressing employee benefit questions and concerns. The business of employee benefits can be complicated, and I enjoy taking extra time to ensure full comprehension from a human resources side to deliver detailed explanations to our employees. I love being a team member here as our culture promotes continuous self-improvement and development. Our company has given me a tremendous opportunity to “own” my area of expertise (benefits) and provide me with the tools to be successful and really deliver to our employees the information and services they require. I love working for this company, it values people and is passionate about success and accountability.Quote




RonnyMeet RonnIE

Warehouse Logistics Manager, Columbus GA


QuoteI’m the Warehouse Logistics Manager for Cott Concentrates and started with Cott in July, 2004. The best part of working here is simply one word, TEAMWORK. There is a sense of teamwork at Cott that goes beyond departments or even locations like nowhere else I have experienced. Senior and Site Leadership certainly play big roles in instilling a TEAMWORK attitude across the board. I have always believed two people working together can do the work of three individuals. In thinking about how our entire company works together, this is really what we do here.Quote