Cott markets non-alcoholic beverage concentrates in over 60 countries. The Concentrate Manufacturing Facility combines a wealth of expertise and know-how, along with uncompromising standards, and diverse capabilities to meet customer requirements.


Cott possesses full production capabilities across the entire flavor system spectrum, from simple flavor blends to complex emulsions and extracts of essential oils. Flavor concentrates are shipped across the globe in a variety of packages ranging from one gallon jugs to 250 gallon totes.


High-quality beverages start with quality ingredients. Cott Concentrates is a level 3 SQF approved facility, and every concentrate ingredient supplier undergoes a rigorous qualification process before becoming a “Cott approved” supplier.


Processes and procedures for product quality and consistency are among the most stringent in the industry. Comprehensive concentrate manufacturing ensures a three-stage testing process:

  1. As ingredients are received, we inspect every ingredient for efficacy, origin and specifications
  2. As each flavor concentrate is produced, we ensure unquestionable quality
  3. Finally, our level 3 Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification in every facility ensures the best quality beverages